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  • How to help your leaders tell compelling stories
  • How many internal communicators have a leader who’s a seemingly effortless storyteller drawing comparisons to someone like Barack Obama? I’m willing to bet very few. In the world of internal comms, we often talk about the need for leaders to be more visible and the important role they play in effective communication. And of course, the […]

  • Great expectations
  • Internal comms is all about relationships. Sadly, they can quickly sour when work doesn’t meet our great expectations. But it doesn’t have to be that way… Often, our success as internal communicators can hinge on the relationships we have with internal or external colleagues. It requires trust, co-operation, listening and often patience – especially in […]

  • Why writing will still matter in 2039
  • “If you want to be a writer, you’re living in the past.” This was one of the statements displayed on screen at this year’s IoIC conference. Run by a working group of senior IC people – Jon Simmons, Laura Low and Ben Keohane –  the session was titled ‘Why internal communications won’t exist in 20 years”. […]

  • Creating a brand identity
  • It’s been three years since I set up Helen Deverell Communications. It feels like a big milestone as I can no longer say I’m a newbie in this freelance world, yet I still feel like I’m learning something new every single day. I’m often asked by in-house internal communicators about freelance life and I know […]

  • Transforming line managers into ethical communicators
  • It’s a dreary Tuesday morning in February when an email pings into every employees’ inbox. The sender is the CEO and a jolt of anticipation runs through the otherwise subdued office. There’s silence while everyone reads about the uncertain economical climate, plummeting profits and the need for structural changes. As she signs off, the CEO […]

  • Making the uninteresting interesting
  • Trying to engage people with a notoriously dry but incredibly important topic? Look no further… Data compliance, security awareness, money laundering – there are certain topics that strike fear into the heart of even the most optimistic internal communicator. Read the full blog on Alive with Ideas’ website to find out how we can bring seemingly […]

  • How to be an ethical internal communicator
  • Have you ever run an engagement survey only to be told by leaders to not share the results with the business as they were far from flattering? Or been asked to only share the positive results? It’s a dilemma many internal communicators find themselves in – do they do what they’re being asked by their […]

  • How to run an internal communication survey
  • Surveys are a great way to gain feedback from your employees, especially when they form part of a bigger internal communication audit. It’s not possible to speak to all employees in interviews and focus groups, so surveys are a good way of ensuring people feel that they have a voice that’s being listened to. There […]

  • How to audit your internal communications for future success
  • I’m frequently asked to run internal communication audits for clients and it’s one of my favourite types of work to do. I love getting under the skin of an organisation, speaking to people about what really matters to them and having the opportunity to make a real difference. Recently I had the opportunity to run […]

  • Highlights from PR Week’s Strategic Internal Communication conference
  • On 6 and 7 November, internal communicators gathered for the annual PR Week Strategic Internal Communication conference. Speakers included Rose Riera from Siemens, Jo Bleasdale from BT Consumer, Amanda Atkinson from Salesforce and Jessica Latimer from Sky. I’ve included my highlights from four sessions that stood out for me:

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