• The privilege of running a focus group
  • Why focus groups are a great reminder of the privileged role we play inside organisations.

  • What’s involved in becoming #CIPRQualified?
  • On Thursday I was thrilled to find out I had passed my CIPR Specialist Diploma in Internal Communication with PR Academy. It was a big investment in my continuing professional development, both time-wise and financially, but I believe it was worth it. Taught at master’s degree level, it was a six-month process, involving four full […]

  • Why internal communicators need a strategy…
  • On 12 June I took part in a panel discussion at AB Thinks Live, a small gathering of IC professionals run by the agency AB. The event was themed around the future of work and after seeing presentations on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and Workplace, the audience was invited to ask us panel members questions […]

  • Top takeaways from The Big Yak
  • “There’s a 1000 years of experience in this room.” Benjamin Ellis set the tone for this year’s Big Yak when he quantified the collective knowledge of a room of internal communications professionals. An impressive number and only seven hours to share it and soak it up – and we wasted no time in getting started. […]

  • Eight top tips to network with confidence
  • One of the big dates in the internal comms calendar is nearly upon us – The Big Yak. Excitement has been building for some time as it’s an opportunity to learn, share ideas and network. But for some people networking can bring on a case of the jitters. Speaking to people you don’t know. Worrying […]

  • IoIC Live 18: Transforming reputation from the inside out
  • It’s a few days on from IoIC Live 18 and my brain is still buzzing. As a member of the organising committee, I would of course say it was our best one yet, but I think a quick scroll through Twitter shows I’m far from alone in this view.

  • Finding the simplicity in complexity
  • What IC pros can learn from comedian extraordinaire, John Oliver, about making the complex simple…

  • What a chicken crisis can teach us about language
  • Chickens and communication don’t usually have a lot in common. But in recent weeks the KFC comms team has given a masterclass in how language can turn a crisis into an opportunity.…

  • Finding stories in the ordinary
  • A story about how internal communication brought me a little closer to a grandad I barely knew…

  • Leap in to agency life
  • Considering making the leap from in-house to agency? Unsure about what to expect? In this blog, I share some insights from my own experience of working in an agency, as well of those of others who have taken the plunge.

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