Every internal communication team needs a strategy that provides clarity on how IC supports the business. 

Without a strategy, you’re always firefighting, struggling to say no to requests from across the business. And because you’re firefighting, you don’t have time to write a strategy. Before you know it, you’re caught in a vicious cycle. I can help you break it.

Sometimes you just need someone to cast an external eye over your plans and processes to ensure your overarching strategy is both clear and fit for purpose. Or maybe you don’t have a strategy and aren’t sure where to start. I can review and refresh your existing strategy, or create one from scratch (which often works best when preceded by an IC audit).

Internal communications strategies help guide you to success by:

• Aligning internal communications with the overall business strategy

• Defining SMART objectives

• Understanding your audiences

• Planning the activities needed to achieve these objectives

• Creating and confirming the channels you’ll communicate through

• Providing a framework for measurement. 

Looking for something else?

I can also support senior internal communicators with:

Audits and research

Content creation


An extra pair of hands in-house 

Bespoke projects and training

Intrigued by the thought of a strategy?
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“Helen helped us enormously – she brought experience, skills and knowledge and applied it to our organisation in a practical and useful way. She was very flexible with changing priorities and challenged us in the right way to make sure we were following good practice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Helen to anyone who needs an experienced internal comms consultant that can apply years of knowledge to each situation individually.”

Pippa Cave,
Internal Communication Manager
at Which?