7 simple ways to make your internal communications more inclusive

May 9th, 2018

As more and more organisations try to attract diverse talent, is it time we took a closer look at our internal communications and whether they’re accessible to all?

Earlier this year, the Royal National Institute for the Blind, tweeted about a setting on Twitter that describes images for the visually impaired. A brilliant idea, yet most people didn’t know it existed, and probably hadn’t considered it as an issue or something that was missing from their lives.

And how often do we do that internally? Chances are, IC practitioners will be aware if they have an employee with specific visual or hearing needs and will accommodate that. But if we’re to be truly inclusive organisations, that attract a diverse workforce, should it not form a part of everything we do, ensuring that future employees are able to access content we share inside our organisations?

Read the full blog on Alive with Ideas’ website.



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