Research & Audits

For internal communication to support businesses effectively, it needs to be based on solid research and understanding. It’s how we gain credibility, gain influence, and make informed decisions. 

If you want to understand how internal communication currently works, and how this can inform your strategy, you need a full-service internal communications audit or bespoke research, conducted and delivered by someone who understands the in-house world and internal communication best practices.

I can help you to understand how effective your internal communication currently is, where you may be facing challenges or have gaps, and where there are opportunities for improvement. I pride myself on paying meticulous attention to detail, and I’ll always be open, honest and transparent with my findings.

Internal communication audits

Audits come in all sizes and shapes, and are designed to help you spot opportunities, identify risks, tackle challenges and build on best practice. I can deliver internal communication audits in a number of ways:

• A full-service audit can help you to better understand how you can use internal communication practices to better support your business objectives. It looks across your strategy and tactics to gain insight into the people and processes driving internal communication.

• Channel audits are a great way to assess the effectiveness of how you currently communicate, to identify any gaps in practice, and to understand where there are opportunities to improve the employee experience.

• Project audits look at a specific piece of work and review its effectiveness – maybe you need to learn lessons to inform future strategy, or you are looking for advice on how to improve a major piece of communications work.

Internal research and focus groups

But perhaps you’re not looking for a full audit, and just want an external eye to dig deeper into some part of your communication strategy. I work with clients to conduct research, run workshops and facilitate focus groups to find out what employees, stakeholders and leadership are really thinking about an issue.

I deliver my results with the real world in mind, ensuring you can use the research and data to inform your strategy and business case. As internal communicators, we must be able to demonstrate to leadership that our strategies are built on insight and evidence – it’s the only way to both gain their endorsement, and to cement our credibility.

Looking for something else?

I can also support senior internal communicators with:

Content creation



Some in-house support 

Bespoke projects and training

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“Helen is an outstanding communicator. I asked her to work alongside me earlier this year to conduct an internal communication audit for a client and she did a brilliant job. Her thoroughness and critical analysis made an excellent combination. I was delighted with her work and am looking forward to her running All Things IC Masterclasses.”

Rachel Miller, All Things IC