Do you want to create a strategy that has input from multiple people around the business? Do you want to introduce some new ideas into the team? Do you just need to top up your writing skills? Sounds like you might need a bespoke workshop.

I can create and lead workshops on the value of internal communication, writing skills, tone of voice, and more. Or, you can book onto one of the workshops I lead for the Institute of Internal Communication.

In practice: writing workshops

Writing is a core skill every internal communicator needs and that can be challenging when your team members haven’t come from an editorial background. 

Writing for internal communication is more than just putting words on a page; it’s about understanding how to structure content, shape a story, perfect the tone, convey a message and engage people. 

I run workshops in writing skills both for industry bodies and clients. My workshops enhance the skills and knowledge participants already have and give them confidence in their own writing abilities. I can conduct these in-person, as a one-to-one coaching session, or online. 

A typical workshop can include:

• Planning content

• Structuring content

• Techniques to bring your writing to life

• The basics of grammar

• How to find, tell and shape stories

• How stories can support change communication

• Corporate narratives

• Editing and proofreading

Looking for something else?

I can also support senior internal communicators with:

Audits and research



An extra pair of hands in-house 

Bespoke projects and training

Intrigued by the thought of a workshop?
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“Helen is an outstanding communicator. I asked her to work alongside me earlier this year to conduct an internal communication audit for a client and she did a brilliant job. Her thoroughness and critical analysis made an excellent combination. I was delighted with her work and am looking forward to her running All Things IC Masterclasses.”

Rachel Miller, All Things IC