How I can help

Internal communication is a strategic function that’s critical to business success. It’s essential to modern business, but it’s often under-resourced and unappreciated. Sometimes you need an external eye to be cast over your strategy, or you need to bring in a trusted partner to help steer you in the right direction, prove your value and make a difference. 

Whether you’re looking to audit your internal communication to get a sense of the status quo, you need some strategic guidance, or you just need some help with daily output, I can bring more than a decade of strategic IC experience to your organisational leadership.

I’m passionate about helping internal communicators to shape, deliver and facilitate impactful communication that works in the real world. This is internal comms in high definition.

Working with Helen Deverell Communications

Internal communication is all about how an organisation listens, shares information and creates understanding – however, to be effective it must be two-way, informed, deliberate and engaging. I can work with you to create internal communication strategies and content that work best for your organisation. 

I am considered and methodical. The details matter to me – I won’t skip over things, and I’ll stick around to make sure everything is clear and workable. I value creative thinking, but want to make sure solutions are grounded in the real world. There’s no point in me making suggestions that just won’t translate to tangible outcomes for your organisation. 

I’m your biggest supporter, and will help you to prove the value of your work. Here’s how I can help you achieve high definition communications.

“Helen is an excellent comms partner. Proactive, patient and above all else easy to work with. She’s also adept at translating big picture narrative into digestible communications.”

Roberto Canenti, Chief HR Officer, Intertrust Group