I can create compelling content – in your own tone of voice – that conveys key messages, tells stories, and articulates both the “why” and “what’s in it for me?”. These are the essential elements to engage your audience and ensure your message gets across.

I can also help to train your team in content, writing and editing best practices. Find out when I’m next speaking or running a workshop, here, or get in touch to hire me to train your team in a bespoke session.

Writing and editing

Once you’ve briefed me (see below), I’ll interview the relevant stakeholders or read through supplied materials to create the content you need – whether that’s an intranet article, presentations, features, FAQs, or any other type of internal comms collateral.

Of course, sometimes your own people create the content but it might be off-brand or in the wrong tone. If that’s the case, I can edit that content to make it relevant, on-brand and engaging.

I also work on bigger pieces such as creating a corporate narrative or helping you to articulate your change programme through storytelling. 

If you’re not sure what you need or just want to bounce some ideas around, we can have a chat to scope out what working together might look like. 

What I’ll need from you: a robust brief

If you already know the content you need, I can get started once I’ve received a brief. (My briefing form is available here.)

The brief helps me to create what you need by explaining:

• What you’re trying to achieve

• Who your key audience is (this influences how I write)

• The key messages

• Why this content matters

• What channel it’s for (this influences structure)

• Timelines and deadlines

• Word counts

• Tone of voice and style

• Sign off procedure (who’s involved in sign-off, and how much lead time will they need?)

Tone of voice and style guides

Not sure what your company sounds like? Struggling to create a consistent tone across your internal communications? Sounds like you need a tone of voice guide, and some editorial style suggestions. 

Tone of voice is more than just how your company “sounds”; it’s the way you engage your audience to deliver your message effectively. It reflects your values and ensures consistency across what is created by creating a personality for your communications. I can work with your team and stakeholders to create a tone of voice that works for your employees, and helps you to raise the success level of your communications.

The all-important style guide is a natural accompaniment to tone of voice, helping to create a consistent approach to your content, and ensures that everyone writing for your channels knows what’s expected of them. I can create a standalone style guide, or incorporate it into your wider IC strategy or tone of voice guidelines. 

Looking for something else?

I can also support senior internal communicators with:

Audits and research



An extra pair of hands in-house 

Bespoke projects and training

Intrigued by the thought of some content?
Get in touch and let’s chat.

“Helen helped us enormously – she brought experience, skills and knowledge and applied it to our organisation in a practical and useful way. She was very flexible with changing priorities and challenged us in the right way to make sure we were following good practice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Helen to anyone who needs an experienced internal comms consultant that can apply years of knowledge to each situation individually.”

Pippa Cave,
Internal Communication Manager
at Which?