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I help clients solve their internal communication challenges. From sharing latest thinking and insight, devising strategies, auditing channels, encouraging and facilitating employee voice, creating compelling content or providing fresh thinking.

I’m passionate about communication and always open to new ideas and opportunities. Plus, I have a network of talented people I collaborate with to deliver projects that involve design, photography, video or technical elements.

Whatever your communications challenge or opportunity, I’d love to hear from you!

What is internal communication?

Internal communication is how an organisation listens, shares information and creates understanding. To be effective it must be two-way, informed, deliberate and engaging.  


An internal communication audit can help you understand your organisation, the people that work there and how internal communication can support business objectives. You can then use the research and data to inform your strategy.

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I can create compelling content in your organisation’s tone of voice that conveys key messages, tells stories and articulates the ‘why’ and ‘what’s in it for me’. I can also help you to create a strategic approach to content and a tone of voice.

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I can review your existing strategy or help you create one from scratch. If you don’t have a strategy and are new to the organisation, an audit can be a great first step to understand your business and its employees.

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Writing is a core skill every internal communicator needs to have. It’s more than just putting words on a page, it’s about understanding how to structure content, shape a story, perfect the tone, convey a message and engage people.

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“We commissioned Helen to review internal communications within our network of 21 projects and to make recommendations for an online tool to improve internal communications and strengthen peer to peer learning. Helen got to the nub of our complex programme swiftly and made incisive, intelligent recommendations that will help us make more of an impact with our limited resources.”

Tamsin Curror, Creative People and Places