Internal communication audit

A full-service internal communication audit can help you understand your organisation, the people that work there and how internal communication can support business objectives.

You can then use the research and data to inform your strategy. It’s imperative we can demonstrate to leadership that our strategies are built on insight and evidence to gain their endorsement and to cement our credibility.

Channel audits are a great way of assessing the effectiveness of your channels and understanding where there are opportunities to improve employees’ experience of using them. Many of the methods will be the same as full service audit, but the focus will be narrower.

What does an audit typically include?

I’ve listed the core elements of a full-service audit below. However, I’m always happy to chat about the best approach for you, your organisation and budget.

Discovery and planning session

Desk research of channels and materials



Focus groups


Report of findings and recommendations

Follow up session to discuss findings and recommendations

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