• Setting the standard
  • Could the answer to the age-old question “why doesn’t internal communication have a seat at the top table?” be our distinct lack of universally recognised, credible practice standards? Russell-Oliver Brooklands certainly thinks so, which is why he’s on a mission to help set the standard.

  • Ready, set, change!
  • Soggy bottoms, erect biscuit structures and a rather inappropriately shaped snail. It can only mean one thing. The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens but with some noticeable changes. So how have the Great British public adapted to the new channel, judge and presenters and what can IC pros learn about dealing […]

  • Get a 1/3 off Smile London
  • This November communicators will be gathering to learn about and discuss the Future Digital Workplace. And readers of my blog can get 1/3 off their ticket price!

  • Who’s afraid of the big, bad boss?
  • The perks of being an internal communicator are well-documented, but even the best jobs have a downside, and for many IC pros, it’s the senior stakeholder. But does it have to be that way? The boss from hell has long been immortalised in popular culture. In recent years, we’ve cringed at the antics of David […]

  • Making it count: CIPR Inside research
  • At the Making it Count conference in November, the CIPR Inside committee will be revealing the results of their research into CEOs and where they see the value of internal communication. As a committee member, I’m excited to be able to give you a sneak peek of what we discovered…

  • Black Box Thinking – book review
  • In this week’s #ICBookClub, we discussed Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed, a book about how true success can only be attained if we’re willing to learn from our mistakes. The book grabbed me from the first page with its real-life examples of failure that have led to grave consequences. It’s not always comfortable reading, […]

  • Why so serious?
  • Have you heard the one about the security guy, the IT pro and the safety woman…? No, neither have we. There’s no getting away from the fact there are some topics within organisations that are synonymous with serious messaging – security and safety being prime candidates. But just because the message is serious, doesn’t mean […]

  • Getting down to business
  • As more and more business leaders are sitting up and taking notice of internal comms, is it time we brushed up on our business know-how before we take our seat at the top table? As underdogs of the communications world, IC pros are dab hands at referencing theory such as the Kubler Ross Change Curve […]

  • Being busy is a choice – book review
  • Last night I took part in CIPR Inside’s #ICBookClub on Twitter, expertly run by Annique Simpson. The book we were discussing was Busy by Tony Crabbe. And of course as irony would have it, several of us admitted to struggling to find time to read a book about being busy! Yet the book really resonated […]

  • Measuring the value we add
  • Having spent last weekend judging a few categories in the IoIC awards, the topic of measurement is buzzing around my head. It formed a big part of the judging criteria, and rightly so. It’s also a conversation I have regularly clients – how to not just measure the basics but the real value we add. […]

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