• Why internal communicators need a strategy…
  • On 12 June I took part in a panel discussion at AB Thinks Live, a small gathering of IC professionals run by the agency AB. The event was themed around the future of work and after seeing presentations on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and Workplace, the audience was invited to ask us panel members questions […]

  • Top takeaways from The Big Yak
  • “There’s a 1000 years of experience in this room.” Benjamin Ellis set the tone for this year’s Big Yak when he quantified the collective knowledge of a room of internal communications professionals. An impressive number and only seven hours to share it and soak it up – and we wasted no time in getting started. […]

  • Follow the leader
  • It takes one person to have an idea, a second person to validate it and a third, fourth and fifth to create a movement. We take a closer look at the power and influence of first followers. We’ve all been in a meeting when someone suggests an idea that’s a little off the wall. The […]

  • Eight top tips to network with confidence
  • Conferences and networking events are an opportunity to learn, share ideas and network. But for some people networking can bring on a case of the jitters. Speaking to people you don’t know. Worrying you’ll be out of your depth. And how do you start up a conversation with a stranger anyway?

  • IoIC Live 18: Transforming reputation from the inside out
  • It’s a few days on from IoIC Live 18 and my brain is still buzzing. As a member of the organising committee, I would of course say it was our best one yet, but I think a quick scroll through Twitter shows I’m far from alone in this view.

  • Measuring beyond the IC function
  • Measurement that demonstrates the value we add as internal communicators is essential if we’re to be credible, trusted advisers. In my blog for Poppulo, I share my thoughts on why we need to measure beyond the IC function and work with our colleagues in other departments such as HR or business development to demonstrate the impact […]

  • 7 simple ways to make your internal communications more inclusive
  • As more and more organisations try to attract diverse talent, is it time we took a closer look at our internal communications and whether they’re accessible to all? Earlier this year, the Royal National Institute for the Blind, tweeted about a setting on Twitter that describes images for the visually impaired. A brilliant idea, yet […]

  • Be less Rick, Be more Madonna
  • Like 80s pop star Rick Astley, internal comms campaigns can often be one hit wonders. They launch with a big bang, everyone loves it, and they reminisce about it for years to come. Which is great. But wouldn’t it be better if they were less Rick and more Madonna? Able to evolve, stay relevant and […]

  • Storytelling 101 webinar
  • I recently had the exciting opportunity to take part in a Chuck Chats webinar, hosted by Chuck Gose and Banannatag, on the topic of storytelling. I was joined by esteemed internal communicators and storytellers Ali Bunin and Christopher Swan. During the webinar we chatted about the following topics and took questions from our lovely virtual […]

  • Finding the simplicity in complexity
  • What IC pros can learn from comedian extraordinaire, John Oliver, about making the complex simple…

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